Ndjavera to be appointed NPL Chief Executive Officer

Ndjavera to be appointed NPL Chief Executive Officer

Irvine Ndjavera will reportedly be appointed as the NPL Chief Executive Officer, pending the agreement between both parties and Ndjavera's current employer, the Ministry of Youth, Sport and National Service.

The Chairperson of the Namibia Premier League, Patrick Kauta, called a press conference on Tuesday.

Kauta announced that the league executive committee had made a decision on the appointment of the man that will be at the helm of the NPL Administration.

Kauta said Ndjavera was the only one recommended by an independent panel that conducted the interviews.

“He is the employee of the Ministry, we have negotiated with the ministry to have him seconded, as it has been done with other sport codes for a period of three years, which is the balance of our term, and to negotiate with him and the Ministry of the term thereof “ NPL Chairman Patrick Kauta said.

Kauta further explained that the new CEO is expected to be in office as from the 1st of May 2018.

In regard to the Tigers issue, the NPL Chairperson was not willing to give the media more information as he said, the affected parties were not informed.

What he however revealed was that the issue is resolved after the case was withdrawn by the prosecutor and referred back to the NPL Executive Committee.

“Once the matter came back to us we had to decide only three issues. One was the match properly schedule, two, was the match abandoned, or was the match forfeited. With respect to whether the match was properly scheduled we said yes, was the match abandoned we said no, was the match forfeited we said yes.
Yes you will hear arguments about the decision, but either way it would have been criticized. We are comfortable with the decision we have taken, there is a Laguna in the rules, relating to forfeiture, the constitution speaks to the fact the game took place under FIFA Football rules” he explained.