NESA aims to invest more in Namibian E-Sport

NESA aims to invest more in Namibian E-Sport
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The Namibian Electronic Sports Association (NESA), aims to be on top of things in 2018 with the objective to reach a larger gaming community and create awareness of the sport and its benefits.
The association hopes to create a viable platform where young and old can interact for an exciting gaming experience.
NESA’s first aim is to visit different schools and youth development institutions across the country.
Vice President, Flip De Bruyn, has put emphasis on the parents' involvement in the sport code as it has proven to have a positive impact on children’s education, mental abilities and also keeps them away from the streets.
Since the organisation is run by volunteers who spent most of their time at their day jobs, the organisers state that any helping hand or sponsorship will be highly appreciated.
The first tournaments are scheduled to start 28 April with the national qualifier games including FIFA and Tekken 7 for all gamers making their grand entrance.