NFA frustrated by the Attorney Office

NFA frustrated by the Attorney Office
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The Namibia Football Association is frustrated by the Office of the Attorney General’s delay to agree the signing of a document that will allow for the rehabilitation of 24 Football facilities in northern Namibia.

The Namibia Football Association (NFA) has struck a deal with GIZ and FIFA to rehabilitate 23 football facilities in Ohangwena Region and one in Windhoek.

The agreement, however, is held by the office of the Attorney General (AG), as they are going through the memorandum of understanding on Government’s behalf.

According to NFA Secretary General Barry Rukoro, the Attorney General’s office wants to tie the two institutions to the agreement, so that if it is not fulfilled by either side, legal action can be taken.

This has angered Rukoro.
“These are companies that have invested over 50 Million in this country already and if they say they can only build 10 what deference does it make. They have made many promises which they fulfil, we have good track record with them.”

Contacted for comment, the Attorney General’s office rubbished allegations of a delay but could not comment further, citing client attorney confidentiality. The AG office however referred NBC Sport to the Ministry of Youth, Sport and National Service.

The director of Sport in the Sport ministry, Sivute Katamba, further referred NBC to Project Manager Timo Tjongarero, who confirmed that a meeting on the issue is scheduled for tomorrow.