NFA transfer window opens

NFA transfer window opens

The Namibia Football Association (NFA) has officially opened the players' registration, transfers and loans period today on Monday.

The move was initiated by a resolution taken at the NFA Congress in December last year and resulted in the local football calendar being moved from August to May to February until November.

NFA Secretary-General Barry Rukoro announced the opening of the first players' registration period.

“It is something monumental since it will be a first for us to have a calendar that starts in February and now we call upon clubs and players to fully participate in this first registration process. We have the DebMarine Namibia Cup coming up and we need to have these players in and registered before we kick off”, Rukoro explained.

According to Rukoro, the transfer window is open across the board to all affiliates.

“ It's for all teams under the governance of the NFA, in all leagues that they have to register their players now," added Rukoro.

Some coaches NBC Sport spoke to, welcomed the move as it will give clear indications as to which players belong to which teams.
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