NNOC performs random doping tests on cyclists

NNOC performs random doping tests on cyclists
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Athletes around the world undergo regular doping tests to determine whether they use prohibited performance-enhancing drugs. Namibia has been relatively quiet on the matter, but the country is not immune to doping and has been testing athletes, too.

Namibia does not have an Anti Doping Agency or policy in place, but the World Anti-Doping policy is being reinforced by the Namibia National Olympic Committee. They handle duties in the absence of a doping agency. Recently, cyclists who participated in the Namibian National Cycling Championship were subjected to random tests by the NNOC, as secretary General Joan Smit explained.
“Doping is a serious matter and we are trying to alert athletes. This testing is random and was requested by the Cycling federation. We will take these samples and send them off to Belgium. Normally when we don’t get any feedback then our athletes are considered clean.”
Some of the athletes that were tested were Dan Craven, Michelle Vorster and Martin Freyer who all welcomed the randon testing.

"I really appreciate that there are tests being done. I am a big advocate of such tests because I support clean sport. It’s a pity that there are athletes out there who use substances to progress. It should be done more often, so that we can see who is actually putting in the work rather than substances to dominate," Freyer said.

There have been various cases of doping in Namibia, with Arthur Bower being at the centre of the most recent scandal.
Bouwer, a Rugby player, was banned for four years after he tested positive for a banned Anabolic steroid. Anabolic steroids are mainly used by body builders.
He tested positive for the substance on the 15th of June 2016 in Bucharest, Romania, where he was representing Namibia at the WR Nations Cup. The player has repeatedly denied intentionally taking the steroid.
The NNOC has, however, made it clear that playtime is over and athletes should be careful of what they consume.