NPL confident to get N$9 million

By: Katrina Gowases

The chairman of the Namibia Premier league, Johnny Doeseb, is confident that NPL organisers will gather nine million Namibia dollars of additional funding by the end of July.

Doeseb said this during a special programme on NBC on Thursday, which followed MTC's ultimatum to the NFA to raise 9 million Namibia dollars by the end of this month or risk losing them as league sponsor altogether.

The league chairman said the request for additional funding is not only a concern of the league or the NFA ,but of the nation at large. He announced that the league board will meet with the National Sports Commission tomorrow to present their case.
“What is 9 Million. Its just a a number with an M at the end but we will show to our sponsors cme deadline day that we have sourced that amount of money.” Said Doeseb

MTC as sponsors are standing by their decision to get other sponsors on board and have repeatedly said that there is no turning back as the move is in the best interest of Football.

The NPL presented a new budget to MTC totalling N$23 736 000 for the upcoming season, an increase of N$9 172 766 from the last annual sponsored amount of N$14 563 234, which is essentially a 62% increase from previous budget.
NPL is need of 23 million Namibia dollars altogether to run its affairs for the next season, which is expected to start next month.

MTC agreed to enter into the new contract worth 15 million Namibia dollars annually over three years, provided NPL source the remaining 9 million.