NPL divided on Debmarine Namibia Cup participation

NPL divided on Debmarine Namibia Cup participation

The Namibia Premier League is divided on the issue of participating in the Debmarine Namibia Cup. 10 NPL teams have indicated they will compete, while the remaining six are abstaining.

The decision by six Namibia Premier League clubs not to participate in the Debmarine Namibia Cup could however come to haunt them, as per a resolution taken by the Namibian Premier League on the 4 February 2017.

Despite not having played active football for the past 11 months, Namibia Premier League clubs African Stars, Orlando Pirates, Blue Waters, Chiefs Santos, Black Africa and defending Champions Tigers have cited that they will not participate in the Debmarine Cup because there is no sufficient time to prepare their teams. Questions raised in regard to sponsorship are an added factor of concern for them.

One of the clubs that will not take part in the competition is Orlando Pirates. Club officials say that this decision is not to sabotage but rather to adhere to a resolution previously taken by themselves.

“This move is not a decision to not want to play but we took a decision that for as long as there was no sponsor for the NPL, we would not take part in the Debmarine Namibia Cup and we are just adhering to that.” explained Niklaas Kisilipile, the Orlando Pirates spokesperson.

Marley Ngarizemo, owner of Young Africa, however maintains that talks of such a resolution is news to him.
“I am not aware of such a resolution. I was not party to it. I have in fact asked the league administrator to provide me with minutes that lead to this resolution and that information is still forthcoming” he said.
According to the Interim Chairman of the NPL, Cosmos Franco, the decision was taken before they were brought in. He says that if clubs want to change the resolution, they need to call an extraordinary meeting within 14 days to discuss that. Since their first meeting in the interim committee took place on the 8th of April 2017, the 14 day rule does not apply.
The decision by the clubs means that the Debmarine Namibia Cup’s round of 32 was amended on Tuesday.

The NFA also informed the NPL about the possible violations that the clubs will commit, if they do not play in the cup by issuing a letter to the NPL on the 12th of April 2017 that “its members should know that not participating in the competition will be a violation of Article 13.1 of the NFA statutes, which deals with members' obligations.”

It is clearly indicated in NFA statutes, that if a club fails to meet its obligations, then a fine not exceeding N$20 000 may be requested.

For the round of 32, each club has been given N$18 000 for preparations and another N$18 000 is guaranteed for the winning teams. The 2017 Debmarine Namibia Cup final will be played on the 25th of November.