Positive: NPL Chairman Johny Doeseb is positive that Groot Property Ltd will sign
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The Namibia Premier League’s ongoing battle to keep afloat is continuing with no certain answers from those at the helm.

Namibia Premier League administrators are seemingly still in the dark with regard to when football will be played again. They recently revealed that Groot Property Ltd would be injecting N$3 Millioninto the league - a commitment which still only remains word of mouth as the League Chairman says that the public must wait for the process to be completed.
“My brother you must wait for the process to be completed. For now there is no new news.”Said Doeseb before hanging up.
Casius Moetie, who is the spokesperson for the League, said that they are still in talks with Groot Property Ltd as a potential sponsor.
“I used the word potential deliberately because Groot Property will only become sponsors when they sign - for now they are potential sponsors.”Explained Moeti
Asked why the NPL announced that they had attracted the latter as a sponsor, Moetie had this to say.
“We wanted thePublic to know that we are busy and are not just sitting. We are always busy behind the scenes and that is why we called a press conference to update the public.”
Moetie also said that there’s only a slim chance for the League to start this year, unless they (NPL) acquire a substantial sponsor.