NPL Mess far from over

NPL Mess far from over
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By: Lesley Tjiueza
League football in Namibia will kick off on the 12th of May 2017 - come hell or high water.
This has been said by the Namibia Football Association. Administrators of the Namibia Premier League might, however, have a slightly different view:
Barry Rukoro of the NFA says that the Adhoc committee that was established on the 28th of April had two tasks to complete and his office was there to ensure that it happens.
“There is nothing going to stop us from starting the league on the 12th May 2017”
While detailing how the newly-established adhoc committee will be operating, Rukoro explainsthat the reason the Namibia Premier League’s Interim committee was replaced was because the Interim Committee was not legal to begin with.
“The NPL had a total disregard for the NPL statutes and also the NFA statutes and the NFA wrote to them cautioning them of their conduct if they created such a body.”

The NFA Statutes’ article 17 states that:
3. Any Members' bodies that have not been elected or appointed in compliance with the provisions of par.2, even on an interim basis, shall not be recognised by the Association.
4. Decisions passed by bodies that have not been erected or appointed in compliance with par.2 shall not be recognised by the Association.
Responding to questions as to why the NFA stood shoulder to shoulder with the “illegal” Interim Committee at Statehouse on the 28th of March and made a collective decision that the League will start on the 12th May 2017, Rukoro explains:
“When the NPL disregarded the NFA advice and disregarded procedures there was no need to rush about the legality. We stood with them in the spirit of football and were hoping to come and deal with the legality at a later stage.”

The NPL’s Bard of Govenor’s meeting ended in a walkout
Tuesday’s evening, the NPL held a Board of Governor’s meeting, which was called by the Interim Committee Chairman Cosmos Franco. The meeting was held behind closed doors but it quickly became cleat that club owners and executives were at each other’s throats.
UNAM, Black Africa, African Stars, Young Chiefs, Chief Santos and some officials from Tigers, as well as Interim Chairman Franco himself, walked out halfway through the meeting,describing it as sheer chaos.
The only player, who was willing to speak to nbc, was Chief Santos’ Lucas Victor, who said that Namibian football was dying a natural death.
“We the NPL are an independent body and currently there are 3 clubs that think that our affairs should be run by the NFA. We the other teams are asking for an extra ordinary elective congress instead.”
The meeting conluded with more questions than answers as Victor Aamunyela was left to speak on behalf of the league and struggled for answers.
“Due to the nature of the meeting. The members of the interim Committee could not reach a concunses. As such we went to the BOG meeting and someof the Interim committee members walked out, I took over proceedings and what was decided thereafter will be communicated at another platform.
It remains puzzling why Amunyela did not disclose further information.
NBC however has it on good authority that the clubs decided that the NFA can represent the NPL. They have requested for the League to start on the 9th June.