Player's plea

Player's plea
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While Namibia’s football future looks stagnant some of the players affiliated to the Namibian Football Players Union are appealing to the corporate world to help them keep their jobs by sponsoring the league.
Around 10 football players gathered at the Namibian Football Players Union (NAFPU) offices to plead to the Corporate World and the Government to rescue the Namibia Premier League.
According to the second Vice President of NAFPU and Brave Warriors captain Ronald Ketjiere, the players are the ones who are suffering if there is no league.
“Some of this guys have families they need to pay debts every month but no one is suffering like them that’s why we are appealing to the corporate world to come and help this young boys to continue with their life’s.” Said Ketjijere
Ketjiere further said not everyone in this country will have the necessary qualifications to get employed.
Some people are just given the talent and they make their living from it.
Few teams in the Premier League are still trying to pay their players but for how long asked Ketjiere?
“We know most of the team depends on monthly grant to pay their players if this money is not available how do we expected team owners to continue pay players. Added the Brave Warriors Captain.
On his part, African Stars defender Atlas Musasa told the media briefing that players are faced with big decisions about their future if football does not kick-off.
“The player had to make a living but if nothing is coming fourth some players will be forced to do criminal activities, which is not good.” Said Musasa
The League’ main sponsor MTC has ended their relationship with the League after NPL failed to secure the additional 9 million dollars.