Pritzen and Weber clinch 100km titles at PnP Cycle Classic

 Pritzen and Weber clinch 100km titles at PnP Cycle Classic
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Katrina //Gowases

South African cyclists Marc Pritzen and Genevive Weber emerged as the winners of the 100km road race of the 2018 The Namibian Pick N Pay Cycle Classic event on Sunday.
The popular cycling event consisting of the mountain bike category, road race, wheelchair racing and running, which took place over two days attracted both local and South African young and old participants this past weekend.
The mountain bike event took place on Saturday, with the road race on Sunday.
The sprinting happened at the junction of Sean MacBride and Wika street next to the SKW sports fields with the finishing at truck port.
First to get on the road were the elite doing the main race over 100km followed by 60, 30 and 20 km cyclists.
It was a tough challenge throughout as the breaking away from the pack was not an easy task.
The bunch of Braam Vermeulen, Marc Pritzen, Ingram Cuff, Xavier Papo, Jacques Celliers and Fanie Steenkamp ,among others, however separated from the group on the Daan Viljoen road.
It eventually became a three men show on the Western Bypass.
This was the first race for Pritzen, who just recovered from a kidney injury after a crash last month.
The 19-year-old took the lead, completing the race in 2hrs 7minutes and 21 seconds, with Namibia's Braam Vermeulen in second and Alex Steenkamp in third places respectively.
“I just seat in the bunch. The most dangerous moves is when the guys loll off in the front and that's what happened again. Everyone took it for grounded, nobody chased. It was a bit of hesitation and then again thanks for one of the guy’s attacking, just to get everything going. We followed the racing. Alex went, I followed. The two of us got away, we roll across to the leader. Towards the end, the last corner I just went for everything and went for the sprint and got the win at the end of the day” Prizen said.
The ladies had their own starting, and had been on each others' heels through supporting and motivating one other.
It was however South African Genevive Weber who was the first to cross the finish line, followed by the previous day 50km Mountain bike winner Irene Steyn and Anneke Steenkamp both from Namibia.
“It was an awesome race. I think we all worked well together. The girls, we were like a team the whole way. It was just the best one at the finish here, but if I can say out of the race I just loved the unity amongst the girls” Weber said.
Over one thousand participants competed in the respective races.