Rugby power struggle seems far from over

Rugby power struggle seems far from over
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Christle Kotze

Windhoek-The ongoing leadership quarrels between the Namibia Rugby Union and its business arm Namibia Rugby Limited are likely to continue, following the termination of the cooperation's agreement between the two parties.
Speaking at their offices in Windhoek on Tuesday , President of the Namibia Rugby Union Corrie Mensah put great emphasis on the will to find a quick solution, so that the players can continue to keep in shape for future games.
Last week, a mediating meeting with the Minister of Sport Erastus Uutoni had failed to convince the two bodies to make peace for the sake of the game.
As a consequence, the Namibia Rugby Union sent a letter to Namibia Rugby Limited, informing them that they have terminated the cooperation agreement, which stipulated that Namibia Rugby Limited were in charge of the management and running of the national teams affairs.
“The outcome was a compromise between ourselves and the company, that the games should continue and that we should appoint the coach and a team manager. I should come up within 30 day time frame with a renewed proposal for the relationship between the company and the Namibia Rugby union“ Mensah explained.
The Namibia Rugby union has also proposed to appoint Johan Diergaardt for the upcoming games, while the team manager is still a matter of deliberation.
“We acted upon the recommendation issued by the Namibia Sport Commission as they were tasked by the minister himself to look into the matter and come up with a solution. “ Mensah added.
Mensah explained that he is eagerly waiting for the consultation between the board and sponsors with regards to their finalization of the coach and manager's position.