Shihepo denied bail

Shihepo denied bail
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Boxer Wilberforce Shihepo has been denied bail in Okahandja after appearing in court on charges of culpable homicide, fleeing a crime scene and failing to report the matter to the police.

The accident involving Wilberforce Shihepo happened on Saturday on the B1 Road south of Okahandja. It is alleged that Shihepo’s Jaguar hit the victim’s sedan from behind, leaving those inside trapped. Appearing in court on Monday, Shihepo appeared unscratched and was supported by fellow Boxer Tyson Uushona and some family members.
Shihepo faces five charges - culpable homicide; failure to ascertain the nature and extent of injuries sustained by a person after an accident; failure to render assistance to injured person(s) after an accident; failure to ascertain the extent of damage after an accident; and operating a vehicle which is not roadworthy.
Shihepo is a former WBC International Silver light heavyweight title holder.
Prosecutor Hilma Mwata said that the state was objecting bail because Shihepo could influence the investigation due to his status as a prominent boxer in society. She further stated that because he failed to report the matter to the police, even after fleeing the scene the state would be against the granting of bail.
Shihepo who did not have a legal representative pleaded with the court to be granted bail with conditions because he has children that he cares for. He was told by Judge Reynand Swartz to speak to his representative for a formal bail application.
Two people - Lickius Petrus, 53 and Toivo Linda 5 years old perished in the accident and the next of kin have been informed.
The case has been remanded until the 27th November 2017 for further investigation. In the meantime Shihepo is planning to launch a formal bail application.
He will be held in the Okahandja holding cells.