Social protection a must for the sport sector - Kantema-Gaomas

Social protection a must for the sport sector - Kantema-Gaomas
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The deputy minister of Sport, Youth and National Service, Emma Kantema-Gaomas, said Namibian sports is faced with loss of income due to the emergency measures implemented during COVID-19, explaining that the sector did not provide athletes and players with much-needed social protection.
Kantema-Gaomas made these remarks during the panel discussion at the Covid-19 communication centre on Monday.
Emma Kantema-Gaomas believes the sport sector is one of the most affected by COVID-19.
Most of the athletes who derive their livelihood from sport are now facing financial distress, because of the suspension of the sport activities.
"As we witnessed the loss of income due to the suspension of Sporting activities,
we also looking at how best can we provide social protection to the athletes. We are facing this loss of income, because we have not provided the athletes or players with the much needed social protection" Kantema-Gaomas said.
She said that it was a tough lesson and thus the Ministry and its stakeholders are looking at how best to encourage federations and clubs to provide social protection for athletes and players.
"Also looking at how can we enforce federations and clubs to ensure that their members are registered as employees / employers and that members are registered with Social Security Commission so that in cases like this they are at least compensated for theloss of income" she said.
Kantema-Gaomas added that she considers it a fact that post COVID-19 things will not be the same and the ministry is looking at how they can derive their strategies to offer the best solutions to sports men and women.