Stakeholders Committee gears for Namibian Cup

Stakeholders Committee gears for Namibian Cup

A stakeholders meeting to map the road forward for this year's Namibian Newspaper Cup took place in Windhoek this week.

The meeting was attended by all stakeholders involved in the regional youth tournament and brought together NBC, NFA, and The Namibian newspaper officials, as well representatives of other co-sponsors such as Nedbank Namibia and Coca-Cola,

NFA official Roger Kambatuku said they engaged each other to look at the responsibilities of the various parties for this year's tournament and also look back at past experiences of previous tournaments.

“We looked at what is ready, what we need to do in the next two months in order to be ready for the task that awaits us,” said Kambatuku.

Co-sponsors of the tournament, namely Nedbank Namibia and Coca-Cola assured the meeting of their continuous involvement.

Follow-up meetings, venue inspection and the official launch of the tournament will intensify over the next two months before the ball starts rolling under the smiling weather of the coast at Swakopmund.