Swaai Rokkie emerges victorious at Gobabis Horse Racing event

The 2016-Omaheke version of the celebrated July Handicap has been a resounding success.

Over 50 horses from different regions participated in this year's Gobabis-based event.

The competition, which included15 races, also attracted a large crowd of fans, who were jumping up and down and shouting for their favourites horses throughout.

As expected, the horse "you touch my heart", which had been winning the 2200m at the last two last events already, once again dominated and won in that category.

The horse owned by Kariko Racing is from Erongo region.

The day's most exciting competition was witnessed in the 2000m category, where many lost their betting money.

In the end, Swaai Rokkie of Katamelo racing won the 2000 metres, followed by Queen of Shadows and Golden future.

The owner of Swaai Rokkie said he expected no less of his star horse. “We have worked very hard for this race, so I knew that we had to win” he explained.

Participants expressed their happiness with the organisers of the event and described it as a great success.

According to Timo Mujeu, who sponsored and also coordinated the event, it will take place on an annual basis from now on.

“ It’s a sport code worth of investing in, we want this event to take place every year” said Mujeu.