U-16 national basketball team prepares for FIBA African Championships

U-16 national basketball team prepares for FIBA African Championships
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Windhoek-A Namibian team consisting of twelve players and three coaches is currently preparing for the 2018 FIBA Under 16 African Championship, which will be held in December.
This is the first time ever for a Namibian team to be playing in the FIBA African qualifiers.
The team will thus be competing in Botswana on the 3rd of December in hopes of qualifying for the next round.
So far, they have managed to put emphasis on the areas they need to become stronger in and during their recent training session NBC Sport caught up with their team captain Konstantin Schindler and coach Manuel Carballo to shed more light on upcoming developments.
“I think we have a pretty good chance there, but I also think we still need a bit more chemistry in the team, but that will come next week when the training starts” Schindler said.
As the team is made up of players who are between thirteen and fourteen years of age, the coach of this vibrant formation explained that there are areas they still need to work on.
“The good thing about it is, we got speed and all of them can shoot the ball. Where we are lacking at the moment is that we don't have top players. But we have one boy from the North who is 13 or 14 years old, who is 2 metres tall and we hope he can help us with good defense. We are working on that and if we improve in that regard, then we are good to go” Carballo said.
Coach Carballo also revealed that parents and the nation should cheer on the boys as they are taking a huge step towards becoming serious athletes