Unam Rugby club to tour Western Cape

Unam Rugby club to tour Western Cape
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By: Wesley Vries

After being denied yet another opportunity to take part in the Gold Cup, the champions will be off to the Western Cape to take on teams from that province in friendly matches.
Three-time Namibia remier League champions Unam will embark on an off-season tour to South Africa from the 29th of September until the 8th of October.
Unam have not only been dominating the local rugby scene for the past three years but they have also fed the national rugby teams with players throughout all spectrums.
According to Unam Rugby Club executive member Werner Jeffrey, the team has shown that they are in a league of their own. They now want their players to compete with other top teams in South Africa as a reward for being such a dominant force.
He says it's not fair on the players to show skills and character during the league season and come the end of the season they no longer have the opportunity to show their talent.
Executive club member Werner Jeffrey expressed his disappointment at not being part of the Gold cup.
“We are very disappointed we can't play in the Gold Cup firstly because what's happening, it doesn't show the strength of Namibian Rugby.
We've been the champions three year consecutive years, we are 29 games undefeated so far since last year and we are going from strength to strength.” Said Werner
Unam are not allowed to play in the Gold Cup because they are a University team and the competition caters only for non-university teams.
But Jeffrey believes that the makeup of the team is unique in that they have four full time students, seven studying distance or part time while the rest are from outside working etc.
He says that they have a bunch of special players at Unam who will now be given a consolation tour to the Western Cape to test their strength and showcase what Namibian Rugby is all about.
“If you see these boys commitment, how they pitch up for practice, how they manage time between studies and playing rugby or working and playing rugby it's really something to appreciate. I'm really feeling for these boys because they put so much effort into it and to get nothing out of winning the league for the third consecutive tears it's really sad.” He said.
Jeffrey concluded that he hopes that one day Unam will still get a chance to partake in the Gold Cup.