Uutoni is ready to make a difference

Uutoni is ready to make a difference
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Katrina //Gowases

Oshakati-Minister of Sports, Youth and National Service Erastus Uutoni said that the days when his ministry's policies used to gather dust and lacked implementation are over.
Uutoni explained that officials at the sports ministry have over the years come up with great policies that were aimed at uplifting sports in the country. Unfortunately, however, many of these have never seen the light of the day.
In its quest to encourage the country's athletes and coaches to do their best in sports competitions, the ministry through cabinet recently implemented cash incentives for athletes and coaches who win at international sport competitions.
Uutoni believes that, through such interventions, the sport fraternity will be able to encourage athletes to consider a full time career in sports and allow them to successfully represent Namibia at international events.
“When you win, there is money for you. I said we have to push things out, we cannot just allow things to be gathering dust in the offices. It's there, it was passed by cabinet now when you succeed to win Gold, you get N$200 000” Uutoni said.
The minister stressed the need for new sporting infrastructure to accommodate the growing number of athletes in all regions.
Uutoni said the lack of sufficient sporting infrastructure is a hindrance to the total emancipation of sports in the country. He showed himself convinced that once fully utilised, the industry will yield positive results for everyone.
“Sport is one of the crucial areas where we can employ people. Even if you are not a player you can be employed in the sporting industry. Sport is an industry that we are maybe not be exploring much this side” he said.
Uutoni has repeatedly made it clear that the development of sports in the country enjoys the top spot on his list of priorities.