Windhoek Spin City’s Wednesday night show a success

 Windhoek Spin City’s Wednesday night show a success
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Windhoek Spin City hosted their first-ever Wednesday night spin show called "Reckless Wednesday Chill & Spin "show on Wednesday evening at the Windhoek Spin City grounds.
Windhoek Spin City's Wednesday night spin show is an initiative designed to groom new spinners from different clubs to have a platform to practice and fine tune their skills ahead of spin events and competitions.
The club also hopes to create a suitable environment for local artists and performers to showcase their talent.
Speaking at the event Windhoek Spin City founder Joel Nambahu was pleased with the turn out and hopes for the best regarding their upcoming spin events.
“It has never been done in the history of motor sport in spinning, so we are very excited to host a Windhoek spin city to open doors. We are very happy and if it's a success today this the show we going to have” Nambahu said.
Although there were mixed feelings from the spectators about the Mid-week show the move was welcomed with excitement. Therefore, Windhoek Spin City is planning to host the next spin event at the end of this month.