Windhoek Spin City hosts “Women Rock” Spin show

Windhoek Spin City hosts “Women Rock” Spin show
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Windhoek Spin City

Windhoek Spin City is set to host their first-ever 'Women Rock' Spin Show at the Swakopmund Spin City grounds on the 1st of June in an effort to promote Motorsport to potential and upcoming women spinners in the country.
Six female spinners, of whom three are Namibians and three South Africans, are expected to showcase their skills and talent while entertaining Motorsport enthusiasts at the coast in early June.
NBC Sport spoke to Windhoek Spin City Founder Joel Nambahu, who shed more light on their motivation behind the upcoming spin show.
“The show was always in Windhoek it's the first time we are taking it out of Windhoek. I decided why must we only empower women in Windhoek, that's why we are going to all the regions. Next we are going to the south from the south than the north” Nambahu said.
Among others spinners, NBC Sport also spoke to the young In-Car stunt spinner Evanka Moller, who started her spinning career at the tender age of 19.
“If you have a love for spinning, you can do anything with it. You can make a living off it or you can simply do it for fun as a hobby. For me right now I'm doing it for the empowerment of women and also as a hobby” Moller said. OUT
Freelancer BMW spinner Elinor de Koe is looking forward to mingling with her South African counterparts as she is hoping to learn a thing or two from them.
“It's a hobby, I'm not a professional. There's still so much to learn for years to come, especially from our South African women who are coming. The more you practice, the more you get confidence in yourself and the better you become” de Koe said.
Women Motorsport lovers and the overall public are urged to buy their tickets early as the first 60 women get in for free.
Gates will open at 11h00 and the show is scheduled to start at 14h00 in the afternoon.