Women’s senior hockey team reaches another milestone

Women’s senior hockey team reaches another milestone

By: Emelda Muchenje

Ranked 16th in the world and 1st in Africa, the Namibian women’s senior hockey team reached another milestone when five of their members were selected to go to Argentina as they made it to the Outdoor Olympics qualifiers next year.

The team has been gaining popularity by winning the first round of the Africa Olympic Qualifiers that were held from the 7th to the 9th of December in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

The team managed to beat Zambia and Zimbabwe 3-0 and 1-0 respectively to secure a place in the Olympic qualifiers in June next year.

Having achieved a good feat throughout the year the coach of the team, Erwin Handura, expressed his thoughts on not winning the 2018 Team of the Year award. He said that as a team they got robbed of an award as it was given to the rubgy team instead. He added that he didn’t know what the judges were looking at in terms of criteria.

Handura also said that as of now as a team the aim is to stay focused by training and keeping their fitness in tact.

He explained that the team has done brilliantly throughout the year, choosing unity, faith and prayer as the forces behind the success.