World Radio Day celebrations to incorporate Sport

World Radio Day celebrations to incorporate Sport

While World Radio Day is annually celebrated on the 13th of February worldwide, this year, the celebrations in Namibia - which are to be hosted by UNESCO in partnership with various radio stations- have been moved to the 15th and 16th of February, because of the opening of Parliament on the actual day.

The 2018 celebrations - which will take place in Opuwo, Kunene Region- will focus on local games and local sports at community level, promoting female reporting in radio broadcasting and promoting sports as a contributor to peace and development.

The focus on three sub themes under the topic "Sport and Radio" has been implemented because throughout the globalisation process, people have been trying to emulate western sports, while traditional communities also have their own games which need to be preserved.

Gender equality in sport broadcasting and reporting is another aspect which will be closely examined.

Prior to the celebrations, reporters from six community radio stations will be trained on how to report live events like sports, as they will travel to Opuuo to cover the event in the local languages.

Sports activities such as Boxing , Football , Netball and Volleyball are lined up for the day, but before that one of the local women sports journalists will be talking about her experience about the constraints of being a female reporter within the male dominant field.

All radio stations in the country - be they commercial, public or community based - will be taking part in World Radio Day.