Youth Academies should be in line with Brave Warriors requirements- Füller

Youth Academies should be in line with Brave Warriors requirements- Füller
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Windhoek-Namibian Youth Football Academies' training programmes should speak to the style of play of the Brave Warriors.
This was said by the Hopsol Youth Soccer League media officer, Harald Füller, when NBC Sport visited their under 17 games over the weekend.
The Hopsol Youth Soccer League is a development league that was founded last year.
The League, which got the Namibia Football Association's recognition earlier this year, has over two-thousand kids from various football academies registered with them.
Media Liaison officer Harald Füller has been monitoring the different football academies since the league came into existence and is concerned.
“We must speak to Brave Warriors Coach because at the moment everybody is just doing he own think and we don’t even know how the Brave Warriors coach want to play so we train kids according to the Brave Warriors Requirements” Füller said.
Brave Warriors coach Ricardo Mannetti was of a slightly different opinion, despite understanding Fuller’s concerns.
Mannetti told NBC Sport that the philosophy behind the country's football development should start at academy level.
This should go all the way up to the Brave Warriors' level and not the other way around as requested by Füller.
“If I seat now with the youth academy coaches and tell them what I want now, what will happen if am not here after 10 years or then the kids will have to learn defferent style of playing” Mannetti said.
The Warriors coach also explained that the Namibia Football Association and the governing body FIFA are currently working on a blue print in that regard.
Once that document is done it will be given to all Football academies to follow. Mannetti said the youth academy coaches should stick to coaching the young ones the basics of football for now.