Deputy Labour Minister warns staff to stop using the budget as an excuse for not doing their work

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-Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation Deputy Minister Tommy Nambahu has warned staff members to stop using unnecessary excuses, or a limited budget as reason for not doing their work.

NBC staff undergo first aid training

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-Motor vehicle accidents have a devastating effect on survivors who find it difficult to come to terms with such incidents. With more emphasis now on training first aiders, the lives and health of those involved in road accidents - can be saved.

Ministry of Health staff complement on the rise

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-The staff complement in the Ministry of Health and Social Services has increased.

Staff and community members embarked upon cleaning campaign at Keetmanshoop Hospital

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-Hospital staff and community members recently embarked upon a cleaning campaign at the Keetmanshoop State Hospital in the //Karas Region.

NBC news staff wishes you a Merry Christmas

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-Before we leave you to the rest of your Christmas festivities, here's a little Christmas message from some our staff who worked on Christmas day to bring you the news.

More Education staff in Zambezi and both Kavango regions face arrest in salary scam

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-More staff members in the Ministry of Basic Education, Arts and Culture could face arrest in the Zambezi and Kavango West and East Regions in connection with the salary scam at its regional offices.

Finance Minister warns his staff to desist from illegal activities

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The Minister of Finance has warned his staff to desist from illegal activities.