Rahii wa-Kahimise shares his experience of the liberation struggle

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-One of the liberation struggle icons in the Okakarara Constituency, at the village of Omutukururu, Rahii wa-Kahimise, shared his experience during the time they were outside the country fighting for the liberation of Namibia.

Struggle veteran says Namibia's liberation was a voluntary exercise

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-Participating in the liberation of the country was a voluntary exercise, although it came with threats to your life and that of one's family.

The lighter side of the struggle

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-The late liberation icon Andimba Toivo ya Toivo is most famously remembered as saying the "Struggle will be long and bitter".

Wilfried Brock says Namibia should be cognizant of Hanno Rumpf's struggle role

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-One of late ambassador Hanno Rumpf's close friends Wilfried Brock says the nation should be cognizant of the distinct role he played during the liberation struggle.

SWAPO attaches great importance to Kamenga Area's role in Namibia's liberation history

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-The SWAPO Party attaches great importance to the Kamenga Area in Kongola constituency in the Zambezi Region because of its history during Namibia's liberation struggle.

Namibia will always appreciate Nigeria's contribution towards struggle

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Namibia will always appreciate Nigeria's contribution towards ending apartheid minority rule.

Omugulugwombashe veteran Major Isak Shoome dies

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-Liberation struggle icon, Major Isak Shoome, has died.

Vocational training centre a possible lifeline for struggling Khorixas

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-The setting up of a vocational training centre at Khorixas will serve as a lifeline for the town's struggle for economic freedom.

Omugulu-Gwombashe homes turned into battlefields during struggle

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-Homes in the area of Omugulu-Gwombashe were not spared and turned into battlefields between PLAN and South African soldiers.

Kawana reminds Namibians of Angola, Cuba and the Soviet Union's role in liberation struggle

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-Justice Minister Dr Albert Kawana reminded Namibians of the important role the people of Angola, Soviet and Cuba played for the struggle of the country's freedom and independence.