Struggle Kids

Children of the Liberation Struggle at Farm Ndilimani outside Windhoek receive donations

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-A group of good Samaritans donated goods to about 90 Children of the Liberation Struggle at Farm Ndilimani on the outskirts of Windhoek.

Outjo residents demonstrate against jobs for struggle kids

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-A group of disgruntled youths took to the streets of Outjo in the Kunene Region, to demand the immediate halting of the employment of five struggle kids at the towns state hospital.

Tses anti-struggle kid demonstrators say move not politically motivated

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A group which spearheaded a demonstration at Tses against the appointment of a struggle kid as a cleaner has dismissed claims that the move was politically motivated.

Keetmanshoop residents give //Karas Governor ultimatum over Struggle Kids

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-Keetmanshoop residents have given //Karas Governor Lucia Basson until next week Monday to ensure that Children of the Liberation Struggle employed at the town vacate their posts.

Struggle kids urged to integrate into Namibian society

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"You have become part of the Namibian house, you are no more struggle kids," this was the message to the 176 struggle kids who graduated at the Khai//Ganaxab Youth Skills training centre in the Hardap Region.

Children of the liberation struggle at the Berg Aukas satisfied with training

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-Children of the liberation struggle, undergoing training at the Berg Aukas Youth Skills Training Centre, have expressed satisfaction with the government's development programme.

'Struggle kids' march for a new overseeing ministry

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The Children of the Liberation Struggle want their case to be handled by the Veterans Affairs Ministry rather than the Ministry of Youth, Sport and National Services as is currently the case.

Struggle Kids complete the first part of training at Berg Aukas

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Over 250 'children of the liberation struggle', training at the Berg Aukas Youth Development Centre, have completed the first part of this training, the 'civics' phase.

Money for Struggle Kids meant to provide skills for them to be employable

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The government's decision to make money available to provide training for the 'Struggle Kids' is meant to provide skills for them to be employable.

Government to donate millions towards projects for liberation struggle children

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Cabinet has resolved to donate 11,3 million dollars to fund a range of projects aimed at addressing the plight of 1000 Children of the Liberation Struggle, CLS. The money will be spent on training, uniforms, catering services, training equipment, accommodation and allowances for six months.