38 Students to leave for China to pursue their studies

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Thirty eight students will be leaving for China to pursue their studies on a fully funded scholarship program by the People’s Republic of China.

Action against protesting students conducted in a professional manner – NAMPOL

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Deputy-Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi maintains the dispersing of the students who demonstrated at Government Office Park on Wednesday was done in a professional manner.

Chaos erupts as students refuse to vacate Government Office Park

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-Chaos erupted when students who demonstrated over NSFAF funds refused to vacate the Government Office Park premises on Wednesday.

Students stage demonstration over NSFAF funds

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-Students of institutions of higher learning staged a countrywide demonstration over the non payment of more than N$700 million by the Ministry of Finance to the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF).

NAMPORT CEO urges private sector to provide students with practical knowledge

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-There is a need for the private sector to partner with tertiary institutions to provide theoretical and practical knowledge to students.

Former Namibian students to Cuba donate N$41 000 towards Etunda Farm Project

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-Former Namibian students to Cuba donated N$41 000 towards the Etunda Farm Project.

Over 40 000 students enroll at Namcol for 2018

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-More than 40 000 students have enrolled for the 2018 academic year with the Namibia Open College of Learning (Namcol).

Students stage peaceful demonstration after death of NUST student on Independence Day

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-Students from different tertiary institutions staged a peaceful demonstration in solidarity of a fellow student killed on Independence Day in Windhoek.

Students urged to pick passion over pay

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-People generally think about high-paying jobs when choosing their careers and as a result of a lack of interest in the jobs deliver poor service.

UNAM students urged to redouble efforts

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-The University of Namibia's Vice-Chancellor, Professor Lazarus Hangula, urges students to redouble their efforts in this academic year to ensure they rise to greater heights than before.