Namibians encouraged to study abroad to grow professionally and personally

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-In order for Namibia to be globally competitive, citizens are encouraged to study abroad.

Study finds positive attitude of principals and teachers contribute to better performing schools

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-A study conducted by the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with UNICEF, indicates that the positive attitude of principals and teachers contribute to better performing schools.

Namibian students urged to apply for South African study permits on time

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-Namibian students who intend to pursue studies in South Africa are urged to do so in time and not wait until the last minute.

Electricity Control Board conducts national electricity tariff study

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-The Electricity Control Board is conducting a National Electricity Tariff Study aimed at soliciting information, to gain industry stakeholders' understanding of the current practice and challenges with regards to the use and costing of electricity.

Namibian child marriage study to be completed in January

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-The status of child marriages in Namibia will be determined when the study into the matter is finalised in January next year.

Health experts want study on diabetes among children

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-Health experts have expressed the need to carry out a study to determine the impact of diabetes among children as these cases are on the increase.

Former NAM students in Cuba remember Castro

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Namibians who had an opportunity to study in Cuba, praised the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro.