INTERVIEW | Yarukeekuro Ndorokaze on SWAPO amending its constitution

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-SWAPO has amended its constitution to bar members from contesting as independent candidates in future elections. The amendment comes into effect on Friday.
Yarukeekuro Ndorokaze dissects the amendment.

SWAPO amends constitution to bar members from standing as independent candidates

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-SWAPO members will in future not be allowed to stand as independent candidates in any election. The party has amended the constitution during its extra-ordinary virtual congress.

SWAPO to hold virtual extra-ordinary congress

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-SWAPO will host its first-ever virtual extra-ordinary congress tomorrow to explore legal restrictions in its constitution to prohibit any member from standing as an independent candidate.

Resignations should serve as a wake-up call for SWAPO - Riruako

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-While the executive director of SWAPO, Austin Samupwa said the governing party has not received any official resignation from the Affirmative Repositioning Movement (AR) members, a political analyst has said the mass resignation of the young activists should serve as a wake-up call for SWAPO.

AR youth resign from SWAPO

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-Dozens of youth belonging to the Affirmative Repositioning Movement (AR) have resigned from SWAPO, effective from today.

SWAPO members called to work towards reclaiming lost votes

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-SWAPO's chairperson of the national leaders assigned to the Khomas Region has called on the party members to work towards reclaiming the votes the party had lost during the Presidential and National Assembly Elections last year.

Political analysis on SWAPO’s post-election introspection

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-While recognising SWAPO’s post-election introspection as a much-needed move, political analysts worried it might be too late to heal the deep wounds of disunity and to convince the voters on perceived failed service delivery.

SWAPO introspection meeting recommends full implementation of party's election manifesto

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-The just-ended SWAPO introspection meeting has recommended for the urgent and full implementation of the party's election manifesto.

SWAPO holds post-mortem on 2019 Presidential, National Assembly elections

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-SWAPO is holding a post-mortem meeting on last year's Presidential and National Assembly Elections.

SWAPO holds introspection conference

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-SWAPO will hold an introspection conference from tomorrow.