12% of Namibian teachers either unqualified or underqualified

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-Twelve percent of teachers in the country are either unqualified or underqualified.

Education ministry to recruit over 2 000 teachers

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The Ministry of Education will advertise 2 112 teaching vacancies from Friday until the end of September in various newspapers and digital platforms.

Dearth of San language teachers in Omaheke deprives learners of mother tongue teaching

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-A shortage of San language teachers in Omaheke Region has deprived thousands of San learners of the opportunity to be taught in their mother tongue.

Ministry of Education expects hard work from teachers for good results

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-The Ministry of Basic Education, Arts and culture has called for hard work among teachers to produce good results despite budget cuts that continue to put a strain on their operations.

Teachers expected to have high moral principles, perseverance

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The Namibian

-The task entrusted to teachers requires high moral principles, perseverance and strong believe in oneself, to succeed.

Teachers transfer from certain schools in Omusati due to lack of accommodation

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-The inaccessibility of houses that were built for teachers more than five years ago at some schools in the Omusati Region is now forcing teachers to apply for transfers to schools with accommodation facilities.

Education Ministry charges teachers and officials implicated in embezzlement of funds

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-The Education Ministry has now formally charged teachers and officials implicated in the embezzlement of funds.

Early childhood development teachers graduate at Katima Mulilo

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-Twenty early childhood development teachers graduated at Katima Mulilo this week, after completing a seven week training programme at the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare on Thursday.

Namibian education system in dire need of 'role model' teachers

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-The Namibian education system needs teachers who are role models, lead by example, influence and inspire learners to achieve inclusive and equitable quality education as well as life-long learning for all.

Teachers marking national examinations encouraged to do their best

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Teachers who will be marking the upcoming national examinations have been encouraged to do their best, despite a problem of outstanding Subsistence and Travel allowances from government.