UNAM VC says teachers should become producers of knowledge

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-The teachers training indaba, organised by UNAM, is looking at the type of knowledge, skills and values of the 21st-century teacher to mould successful learners.

UNAM planning to raise minimum entry requirements for teachers

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-The University of Namibia (UNAM) is planning to raise the minimum entry requirements for teaching students.

Teachers receive World's Largest Lesson awards at Rundu

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UN Namibia

-The Ministry of Education Arts and Culture recognised teachers and schools for their efforts in incorporating the UN's sustainable development goals into their lessons.

Kavango village teachers erect makeshift hostel to accommodate 68 learners

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-Teachers at Satotwa Junior Primary School in the Kavango West Region have taken it upon themselves to provide accommodation for learners who walk long distances to school.

Teachers urged to do more in educating learners about HIV

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-Teachers seem not to be giving enough information about HIV to learners as there is a huge knowledge gap of the disease between the two.

12% of Namibian teachers either unqualified or underqualified

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-Twelve percent of teachers in the country are either unqualified or underqualified.

Education ministry to recruit over 2 000 teachers

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The Ministry of Education will advertise 2 112 teaching vacancies from Friday until the end of September in various newspapers and digital platforms.

Dearth of San language teachers in Omaheke deprives learners of mother tongue teaching

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-A shortage of San language teachers in Omaheke Region has deprived thousands of San learners of the opportunity to be taught in their mother tongue.

Ministry of Education expects hard work from teachers for good results

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-The Ministry of Basic Education, Arts and culture has called for hard work among teachers to produce good results despite budget cuts that continue to put a strain on their operations.

Teachers expected to have high moral principles, perseverance

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The Namibian

-The task entrusted to teachers requires high moral principles, perseverance and strong believe in oneself, to succeed.