Unemployed graduate teachers hand over a petition to OPM

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-A group of unemployed graduate teachers on Thursday handed over a petition to the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) in which they are demanding that interviews for teaching posts be abolished, among other issues.

Teachers should be celebrated – President Geingob

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President Hage Geingob has commended teachers for the important role they play in society, as they mark World Teachers' Day.

Graduate teachers in Kavango East struggle to find employment

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-Unemployed graduate teachers in the Kavango East Region are struggling to find employment.

Khomas Education Director urges teachers to lead by example in fighting COVID-19 at schools

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-The Regional Director of Education, Arts and Culture has called on teachers to lead by example in the fight against COVID-19 at schools.

Teachers have until 11 May to return to schools

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-The Education Minister, Anna Nghipondoka said consultations with various stakeholders took place during stage one of the lockdown.

Teachers expected to return to duty on 5 May

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-All teachers in the country are expected to return to duty at their schools on Tuesday, 5 May.

Teachers attend ocean literacy workshop

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-Over 8,3 million tons of plastic are discarded into the sea each year. To address this, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism conducted a training workshop with teachers at Luderitz on sustainable development and ocean literacy.

Teachers deliberate on challenges facing the profession

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-Teaching was once a highly regarded profession.

Teachers at Okakarara Secondary School urged to prepare before presenting lessons

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-The acting principal of the Okakarara Secondary School in the Otjozondjupa Region says the new curriculum can only deliver the desired results, if teachers are well prepared for their lessons in advance.

UNAM VC says teachers should become producers of knowledge

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-The teachers training indaba, organised by UNAM, is looking at the type of knowledge, skills and values of the 21st-century teacher to mould successful learners.