Khomas Governor to look into complaints about newly constructed toilets in Tobias Hainyeko Constituency

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-Khomas Regional Governor Laura McLeod-Katjirua has vowed to verify information on the construction of toilets in the Tobias Hainyeko Constituency.

Morukutu Primary School in Omaheke receives toilets

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-Learners of the Morukutu Primary School at Otjijarua in the Omaheke Region will no longer have to use pit latrine toilets or resort to the bush when nature calls, thanks to South African-based company Amalooloo.

//Kharas hands over 17 pit latrines to families of Klein-Karas settlement

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-The //Kharas Regional Council officially handed over 17 pit latrines build at a cost of N$250 000 to families of Klein-Karas settlement.

Agste Laan residents furious over inaccessibility of public toilets

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-Residents of Otjomuise's Agste Laan informal settlement in Windhoek are furious over the inaccessibility of their public toilets.

City of Windhoek sets up toilet facilities at Moses Garoeb Constituency

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-The Windhoek City Council has handed over 16 toilet facilities to the community of Moses Garoeb Constituency, in an effort to stop the spread of Hepatitis E.

Government to build more toilets

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World Health Organisation

-The government says it hopes to increase the construction of toilets countrywide by the year 2030.

Omitara residents receive toilets, houses

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-The Minister of Urban and Rural Development commissioned a 244 ablution facilities and five low cost houses to residents in the Omitara settlement in the Omaheke Region.

Iileni Informal Settlement residents up in arms after communal toilets were bulldozed

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Residents of Iileni Informal Settlement are up in arms, after communal toilets there were bulldozed by the Keetmanshoop Municipality, without residents first being notified.

Senior citizens at Upukos settlement remain without proper toilets

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A project to construct toilets for senior citizens at Upukos Settlement in the Erongo Region has been at a standstill for two years.

CoW approves N$17 million towards new toilets

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-The City of Windhoek has approved N$17 million towards erecting new toilets, taps and repair non-functional toilets in the Havana and Goreangab informal settlements.