Tsumeb Junior Mayor worried about alcohol abuse at the town

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-Tsumeb Junior Mayor Xamaria Hangara says alcohol abuse at the town is worrying.

Tsumeb electricity restored after Cenored threaten to cut off town

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The Tsumeb Municipality’s electricity is restored. This follows a temporary disconnection by the Central-North Regional Electricity Distributors (CENORED).

Tsumeb ready to host Namibia's 28th Independence Anniversary celebrations

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Everything is in place for Namibia's 28th Independence celebrations at Tsumeb in the Oshikoto Region.

Preparations for the 28th Independence celebrations at Tsumeb well on track

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-Preparations for the 28th Independence celebrations at Tsumeb are well on track.

Independence Day celebrations to be held in Tsumeb

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The Namibian

-The 2018 Independence Day celebrations will be held in Tsumeb in the Oshikoto Region.

Tsumeb Copper Festival opens

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-Over the past five years, Tsumeb town council and its partners delivered more than 3 000 housing units to town's residents, with another 300 houses nearing completion.

Trial-awaiting prisoner kills another at Tsumeb

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-A 34-year-old man succumbed to his injuries at the Oshakati State Hospital on Saturday, after he was allegedly assaulted by a fellow inmate.

Tsumeb compound standoff rumbles on

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-The stand-off between the landlord of Tsumeb's Endobo Compound and its tenants, over outstanding rent, is far from being resolved.

Day of the African Child commemorated at Tsumeb

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-The Day of the African Child was also commemorated at Tsumeb under the theme: Accelerating protection, empowerment and equal opportunities for children in Africa by 2030.

Tsumeb to reclaim status as gateway to the north

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-The mining town of Tsumeb is trying to reclaim its former status as the gateway to the north-central and north-eastern regions, as well as to the Angolan export market.