China donates to UNAM Faculty of Science

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-China has donated N$300 000 to the university of Namibia's Faculty of Science to undertake research on renewable energy.

UNAM's Rundu campus to involve community through research and development

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-The University of Namibia's Rundu Campus has reiterated its commitment to involve the community through research and development.

Young man stabbed to death at UNAM

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A young man was stabbed to death at the University of Namibia Monday afternoon.

UNAM Southern Campus vulnerable to current economic challenges

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-The University of Namibia's Southern Campus, which is still in its infancy, is vulnerable to the current economic challenges the country faces.

UNAM students urged to redouble efforts

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-The University of Namibia's Vice-Chancellor, Professor Lazarus Hangula, urges students to redouble their efforts in this academic year to ensure they rise to greater heights than before.

Unam approves revised fees for registration period

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-The University of Namibia has approved revised fees for the 2018 registration period.

UNAM extends registration period

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-The University of Namibia has extended the due date for registration and tuition fee payments from 2 February to 9 February.

UNAM waiting on government confirmation letter

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-University of Namibia (UNAM) is still waiting for official communication from Government regarding students funded by the Namibian Student Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF).

UNAM postpones online registration

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-The University of Namibia (Unam) has postponed online registrations for senior students to 23 January 2018 due to a system failure.

UNAM medical students conduct survey on patient waiting

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-A recent survey conducted by UNAM's medical students at Keetmanshoop Intermediate Hospital indicate that patients regularly wait up for up to six hours to see a doctor.