UN Human Rights Council will survive without US - Kalomoh

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Special Advisor to the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, seasoned diplomat Tuliameni Kalomoh, joined us in the studio to talk about the USA's withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council

Ovaherero-Nama US lawsuit may soon go to trial

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The Ovaherero and Nama lawsuit in the United States of America may soon go to trial.

US, Britain, France launch air strikes in Syria

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-US, British and French forces hammered Syria with air strikes early Saturday Syria time in response to a poison gas attack that killed dozens of people last week, in the biggest intervention by Western powers in Syria's civil war.

Genocide case in the US postponed to 3 May

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-The Ovaherero and Nama genocide case in the US, which started Thursday, was postponed to 3 May.

US business delegation in Namibia

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- A US business delegation is in Namibia to explore business opportunities in various sectors of the economy.

Cuba explores its own strengths amidst on-going embargo by the United States

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Cuba remains self-sufficient amidst an economic embargo by United States, which could have been crippling.

President happy with US business people exploring opportunities in Namibia

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President Hage Geingob is happy that political leaders and business people from the United States of America are coming to Namibia to explore potential areas of cooperation and investment.

The US Government impressed with Namibia's wildlife conservation

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The US government is impressed with Namibia's wildlife conservation efforts.

Namibia hopes to tap into US expertise in the agriculture sector

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Immanuel Thomas

Namibia hopes to tap into US expertise in the agriculture sector, particularly food production. President Hage Geingob met US Secretary of Agriculture, Douglas Fisher, in New York who he informed that Namibia intended to accelerate food production especially through green schemes.

Trump accuses Somalians in the US over rising crime

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The United States Presidential candidate Donald Trump has caused outrage among the Somali community there after blaming them for the rising crime rate.