Namibians told to change their attitudes towards water

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Although water is technically considered a renewable resource, because it can be re-used and has a rain cycle, it is only short term and its sustainability is uncertain.

500 Households to get potable water at Onankali

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-Five-hundred households will get tap water infrastructure, for the first time at Onankali.

Desalination plant plans progressing well

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-Plans to establish a desalination plant to supply water to the coastal areas and central part of Namibia are

Katima Mulilo and other places in Zambezi Region without water

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Residents of Katima Mulilo and other localities such as Bukalo, Chinchimani and Sibbinda in the Zambezi Region have been without tap water since Wednesday.

Pumping of water to Uuvudhiya progressing well

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Water being pumped from the Olushandja Dam in the Omusati Region is about to reach the Uuvudhiya communal farmers as planned.

Namibia urged to adopt sustainable approaches to water resources use

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Namibia needs to adopt more sustainable approaches to the use and management of water resources and needs to move from crisis management to risk management in water-related disasters. That was said by the Country Representative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO, on Monday.

Government addresses water scarcity

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Cabinet has directed the Government and public institutions to repair leaks and fix faulty plumbing which have contributing to water losses and high bills. This comes as the latest intervention by the Government to address the water scarcity in the central areas of Namibia as a result of the prevailing drought.

Keetmanshoop residents urged to save water

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The Keetmanshoop Municipality in the //Karas region has urged residents to save water. This after Namwater announced the rehabilitation of the Naute Dam.

Windhoek to run out of water by August if it is not used sparingly

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The City of Windhoek is urging residents to change their water consumption habits by all means, or the city will run out of water in August.

A proposal to draw water from Kavango river received with mixed feelings

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A proposal to draw water from the Kavango River to central parts of Namibia has been received with mixed feelings in the Kavango regions.