WHO shocked at growing rate of non-communicable diseases

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-The World Health Organisation (WHO) expressed shock at the growing rate of non-communicable diseases and is urging governments to take action.

World Health Organisation declares Somalia polio-free

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The World Health Organisation has declared Somalia polio-free.

Nigerian government calls for extra vigilance on Ebola

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-The Nigerian government has called for extra vigilance for the symptoms of Ebola. That comes after the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced an outbreak in the DRC.

#Good Morning Namibia-Former WHO Representative to Namibia

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For many decades there has been a need for more effective means to combat epidemics on the continent. The devastating Ebola outbreak between 2013 and 2016 that claimed over 11 000 lives across West Africa was further proof of this need.

WHO calls for increased tax on sugary drinks

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The world's population is in the grip of non-communicable diseases linked to the consumption of much sugar.

The WHO to send one million cholera vaccine doses to Haiti

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Over 200 residents in storm-hit Haiti have contracted cholera prompting the World Health Organisation to send one million vaccine doses to the island.

e-cigarettes becoming popular

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Electronic cigarettes are becoming popular but their content remains a concern to the World Health Organisation.