Tanzania to open Mission in Windhoek

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-The Tanzanian government is in the process of finalising internal arrangements to open a mission in Windhoek.

Patient killed at Windhoek Psychiatric Hospital

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-A 29-year-old male patient at the Windhoek Psychiatric Hospital killed another patient Friday.
The victim is a 30-year-old male.

Over 1 600 sewer blockages reported to City of Windhoek in November

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-Over 1 600 sewer blockages were reported to the City of Windhoek in November alone.

Genocide and Memory Studies Centre launched in Windhoek

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-As a means to keep the memories for the OvaHerero and Nama genocide alive, the two affected communities launched a joint centre for Genocide and Memory Studies in Windhoek.

SADC labour ministers meet in Windhoek

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-Critical youth unemployment, unsupportive government policies and mass retrenchments are just some of the issues plaguing the SADC region.

Africa intellectual property conference starts in Windhoek

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-The 42nd Administrative Council Conference of the Africa Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO) has started in Windhoek.

Windhoek celebrates 50 years of direct reuse of potable water

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-The City of Windhoek celebrated its 50th anniversary of Direct Reuse in Namibia under the theme 'Direct Potable Reclamation With A Clean Bill'.

Windhoek resident sentenced to 37 years in prison for murder

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A Windhoek resident has been sentenced to 37 years in prison after he was found guilty of murder.

More than 400 Windhoek pensioners receive prepaid electricity meters

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-More than 400 houses of pensioners in Windhoek have been converted to prepaid electricity meters.

Windhoek's informal settlements' riverbeds a health hazard

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One riverbed in Windhoek's informal settlements, Goreangab has become unbearable and poses a health hazard to its residents.