Residents urged to only go out when absolutely necessary

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-The Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr Kalumbi Shangula has announced that people in the lockdown regions of Khomas and Erongo should only leave their houses when absolutely necessary.

Windhoek exodus begins before lockdown

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-The B1 road between Windhoek and Okahandja is a hive of activity as Windhoek residents try to avoid being locked down in Windhoek, while others are entering the city to make sure they are not locked out at midnight.

Windhoek residents in COVID-19 panic mode

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- Many Windhoek residents went into panic mode, visiting health facilities for merchandise and advice following the announcement of the first two positive cases of Coronavirus, in Namibia.

Natis Centre in Windhoek battling with influx of customers

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-The Natis Centre in Windhoek is battling with an influx of customers with the majority not wearing any protective gear against the potential spread of COVID-19.

About 100 Windhoek streets renamed since Independence

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-About 100 streets were renamed in Windhoek, since Independence in 1990.

Windhoek accelerated growth and development in infrastructure since independence

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-Windhoek has since independence in 1990 accelerated infrastructure growth and development.

Windhoek residents called to get back to a habit of keeping the city clean

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-The Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) has called on Windhoek residents to get back to a habit of keeping the city clean.

NIDA employees in Windhoek allege unfair labour practices

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-Employees NIDA in Windhoek held a demonstration. In a petition, while demanding for salary increment also complained about alleged unfair labour practice.

Windhoek Mayor relocates office to Babylon

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-The newly elected City of Windhoek (CoW) Mayor, Francina Kahungu has announced the relocation of her office from the city centre to Nathaniel Maxuilili Community Centre in Babylon informal settlement.

African Pathfinder Leaders Initiative organises workshop for youth in Windhoek

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-Young people from different regions around the country are meeting in Windhoek to be equipped with skills in leadership, community development and entrepreneurship.