NamWater says no water interruptions in Windhoek

by editor1 / Nov 10, 2017 / 0 comments
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-NamWater says there will not be any water interruptions in the capital. The City of Windhoek will rely on its underground water reserves for the weekend.

Windhoek residents should brace for reduced water pressure

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-The City of Windhoek has alerted residents about possible reduced water pressure and a change in water colour from this Friday afternoon until Monday morning.

Overcrowding at Windhoek state mortuary due to autopsy delays

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-Delays in conducting autopsies, and a rise in the number of unclaimed bodies are a major contributing factors to overcrowding at the Windhoek state mortuary.

Benguela Science and Governance Forum kicks off in Windhoek

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-The seventh Annual Science and Governance Forum, aimed at addressing and unlocking opportunities found within the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem, kicked off in Windhoek on Wednesday.

Namibian Agricultural Union holds 71st congress in Windhoek

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-The Namibian Agricultural Union (NAU) held its 71st congress in Windhoek.

SABA forum starts in Windhoek

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The Southern African Broadcasting Association (SABA) forum started in Windhoek with more than 100 delegates attending.

American tourist robbed in Windhoek

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-An American tourist was robbed of her belongings in Windhoek Monday morning, just as she was about to leave the guesthouse where she was staying during her visit to Namibia.

Chinese ambassador wants to facilitate direct flights between Windhoek and Beijing

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The newly appointed Chinese ambassador to Namibia has undertaken to consolidate co-operation with Namibia in the area of industrial relations, education and training, capacity building and infrastructure development.

Light tremor hits Windhoek

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The Geological Survey for Windhoek recorded a tremor of magnitude 2,3 on the Richter scale, which struck approximately 10 km south of Windhoek, on Monday 7 August at 02h45.

Sleep competition underway in Windhoek

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Sleep is an essential part of everyone's day, and an important state of being for people and animals. Now in a test of endurance, a sleep competition is currently underway in Windhoek.