NCCI hosts Windhoek Mayoral Business Forum

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-Businesses in Windhoek are urging the municipality to create strategic plans that focus on speeding up the economy's recovery.

Swapo parades through Windhoek

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-Swapo has held a parade through the streets of Windhoek as a warm-up to the November elections.

Windhoek residents join the rest of the country in clean-up campaign

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-Windhoek residents made their way to different parts of the city to participate in the national clean-up campaign.

Swapo electoral college starts in Windhoek

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-The meeting of the Swapo Party Electoral College started in Windhoek Saturday morning.

Namibians taking up running to prevent non-communicable diseases

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-According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), non-communicable diseases kill 36 million people globally, each year.

World Dressage Challenge

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-Weather Conditions posed a major challenge for the riders competing in the World Dressage Challenge, in Windhoek recently with Sumari Piepmeyer and Katiti Legolas from Reiterverein Swakopmund providing the Overall Best Score of 64.107 of a windy and chilly weekend’s proceedings

Tanzania to open Mission in Windhoek

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-The Tanzanian government is in the process of finalising internal arrangements to open a mission in Windhoek.

Patient killed at Windhoek Psychiatric Hospital

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-A 29-year-old male patient at the Windhoek Psychiatric Hospital killed another patient Friday.
The victim is a 30-year-old male.

Over 1 600 sewer blockages reported to City of Windhoek in November

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-Over 1 600 sewer blockages were reported to the City of Windhoek in November alone.

Genocide and Memory Studies Centre launched in Windhoek

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-As a means to keep the memories for the OvaHerero and Nama genocide alive, the two affected communities launched a joint centre for Genocide and Memory Studies in Windhoek.