American tourist robbed in Windhoek

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-An American tourist was robbed of her belongings in Windhoek Monday morning, just as she was about to leave the guesthouse where she was staying during her visit to Namibia.

Chinese ambassador wants to facilitate direct flights between Windhoek and Beijing

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The newly appointed Chinese ambassador to Namibia has undertaken to consolidate co-operation with Namibia in the area of industrial relations, education and training, capacity building and infrastructure development.

Light tremor hits Windhoek

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The Geological Survey for Windhoek recorded a tremor of magnitude 2,3 on the Richter scale, which struck approximately 10 km south of Windhoek, on Monday 7 August at 02h45.

Sleep competition underway in Windhoek

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Sleep is an essential part of everyone's day, and an important state of being for people and animals. Now in a test of endurance, a sleep competition is currently underway in Windhoek.

Windhoek plans to be a smart and caring city by 2022

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-City of Windhoek launched a strategic plan for 2017-2022, with what it says is a clear outline on how to better serve Windhoek residents.

Windhoek's working poor encounter numerous hardships

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-With the unemployment rate still alarmingly high, those in the self-employed segment of society are also finding it hard to survive.

Southern African Innovation Support programme launched in Windhoek

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-The Second phase of Southern African Innovation Support programme (SAIS) was launched in Windhoek.

Genocide documentary launched in Windhoek

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-A documentary on the 1904-1908 genocide of the Herero and Nama during German Colonial rule was launched in Windhoek.

Groot Aub residents refuse to be part of Windhoek

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-About 750 residents of Groot Aub signed a petition demanding that the government reverse the decision of proclaiming Groot Aub as part of the City of Windhoek.

Windhoek records reduction in housebreaking and street robberies

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There has been a significant reduction in housebreaking and street robbery incidents in Windhoek since January compared to the same period last year.