Homeless children keen to return to school

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-A group of homeless children are appealing to government to allow them back into school, as life on the streets has become unbearable.

Over 300 pedestrians in road accidents

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-A total of 355 pedestrian-related road traffic accidents were recorded in the period 2013 to 2015 in the Khomas Region alone, a 2016 Road Safety Audit shows.

Baumgartsbrun women feel left out

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Women living at the Baumgartsbrun settlement west of Windhoek do not benefit from the cooperative that was meant to uplift their living standards.

Home burglary remains a concern in Windhoek

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A number of house burglaries were reported in Windhoek over the festive season.

Prices of Windhoek houses increase by 20,7%

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Housing prices in Windhoek increased by 20,7% in the second quarter of this year, bringing average prices to 1,3 million dollars.

A baby is found dumped in a skip container in the Capital

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A baby was found dumped in a skip container along the Monte Christo road in Windhoek on Monday. A cleaner working for Andy cleaning services was ...

Malian ministers visit the Central Veterinary Laboratory in Windhoek

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Two Malian ministers visited the Central Veterinary Laboratory, CVL, in Windhoek on Tuesday. Livestock and Fisheries Minister, Nango Dembele, and Agriculture Minister, Kassoum Denon, inspected the laboratory to learn from its operations.

Countries to be assisted in developing National Drought Management policies.

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The African Drought Conference underway in Windhoek is expected to draw up a detailed framework to help different countries in developing National Drought Management policies. Currently, some countries affected by the drought have designed programmes and policies on managing drought more effectively.

A Windhoek taxi driver hijacked at gunpoint in Katutura

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A Windhoek taxi driver was allegedly hijacked at gunpoint in Katutura Central on Wednesday night, by two unknown men.City Police spokesperson Cillie Auala said the suspected...

Windhoek to run out of water by August if it is not used sparingly

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The City of Windhoek is urging residents to change their water consumption habits by all means, or the city will run out of water in August.