Uis youth worried about high rate of teenage pregnancies

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-Young people at Uis say they are worried about the high rate of teenage pregnancies there.

African Youth Summit tackles voting rights

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Voting is a fundamental human right that allows people to participate in a democratic process and should not be viewed as a favour by politicians.

Erongo Police record an increase in drug abuse cases among young people

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-Police in the Erongo Region report a rise in the number of drug abuse cases involving young people. Twenty-three cases have been reported so far this month.

Youth demonstrate in support of Governor Wakudumo

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-A group calling themselves youth of Kavango East Region are demonstrating at Rundu in support of under-fire Governor, Bonifatius Wakudumo.

City remain mum as land grabbing youth emulate Mayor Amupanda

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-Some Windhoek residents who attempted to illegally occupy land in the city say their hopes were boosted when Dr Job Amupanda was named mayor.

Youth in Windhoek form a community watch-group, to guard houses

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-Criminal activity usually increases in the city around the festive season when most people leave their houses unattended.

Mandela Kapere's death described as a major loss for the youth agenda

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-His death has been described as a great loss and the man who carried himself like a diplomat in many ways, will no longer be able to contribute to policies and laws that shape the youth development agenda.

Oshana Regional Council continues to support rural youth through employment programme

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MICT Oshana

-Oshana Regional Council continues to support rural youth who are struggling to get their projects off the ground through its rural employment programme.

Incoming Aranos Councillor attributes victory to large youth turnout

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-The incoming Regional Councillor for the Aranos Constituency, Salmon Boois, has attributed his resounding victory in the Regional Council and Local Authority elections to the youth who came out in big numbers.

Hardap Governor calls on unemployed youth to remain calm and patient

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-Governor of the Hardap Region Salomon April met with the unemployed youth who are gathered at the facility, where the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) is conducting training for polling officials, today.