New HIV infections among the youth on the rise in Africa

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-New HIV infections among the youth in Africa continue to rise.

First Lady calls for more relatable approaches to HIV prevention

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-First Lady, Monica Geingos has called for 'HIV Prevention' to be addressed within a generational context.

Youth unemployment in southern Africa a crisis

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-Unemployment, especially among the youth, is reaching devastating proportions in Southern Africa.

Government commended for creating conducive environment for business

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Many young people in the //Karas Region have commended government for creating an enabling environment to do business.

Keetmanshoop Urban Constituency youth urged to apply for training

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The Namibia Youth Credit Scheme Programme under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture is calling on young people between the ages of 18 and 35 living in the Keetmanshoop Urban Constituency to apply for training.

Alcohol and drug abuse among youth a concern-Berseba village

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Residents of Berseba village in the //Karas region said they have had enough of alcohol and drug abuse, especially among the youth. They also complained about the high unemployment rate at the village.

Hardap youth yearn for opportunities to uplift their living standards

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The youth residing at the Duineveldt settlement, 20km north of Kalkrand in the Hardap Region are yearning for opportunities which could uplift their living standards.

A UK based organisation wants to help in implementing youth upliftment programmes.

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A United Kingdom based charity organisation, Big Win Philanthropy has expressed interest in working with the Government to implement programs aimed at youth upliftment.