Bulgaria plans to award scholarships to Namibian youth to study engineering

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-Bulgaria is planning to award scholarships to young Namibians to study in engineering fields.

Youth demand meaningful participation in decision-making processes

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-Young people across Namibia are increasingly demanding more meaningful participation in decision-making processes, so they can have more control over how their lives and futures are shaped.

Finance Ministry launches SME strategy for youth

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-The Finance Ministry today launched a financing strategy for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for youth countrywide.

Youth urged to vote in big numbers to influence policies

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-Young people have been urged to turn out in their numbers, and vote in the upcoming elections - if they are to influence policies and have a say on national issues.

Khorixas Forum calls on youth to vote in their numbers

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-The chairperson of the Khorixas Constituency Youth Forum calls on young people to go out in their numbers and vote during the November elections.

//Kharas youth encouraged to vote in numbers

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-Political parties in the //Kharas Region have called on young people to go out in their numbers and vote in next month's elections.

Youth urged to take up vocational training

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-The youth are urged to take up vocational training as it contributes towards economic development and wealth creation in Namibia.

Youth discuss compassion at //Kharas Volunteer Summit

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-Showing compassion to the most vulnerable in society is a commendable quality. More so when faced with similar challenges, as is the case for many Namibians in the face of the current economic downturn.

President Geingob appeals to world leaders to involve youth to combat climate change

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Namibian Presidency

-President Hage Geingob appealed to fellow world leaders to involve the youth to combat climate change.

Okahumba youth use underground precious stones to build houses.

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-With unemployment affecting most of the youth, a group of young people of Okahumba in Okakarara Constituency are doing all they can to survive.