Zambezi Police happy with adherence of residents to state of emergency regulations

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-The Namibian Police in the Zambezi Region are happy with the fact that many residents are adhering to the preventative measures as outlined in the State of Emergency regulations.

Beatrice Muyatwa coronated as Ngambela for Mashi Traditional Authority

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-The Mashi Traditional Authority in the Zambezi has coronated its first-ever female Ngambela in the region.

Zambezi says it will ensure improved Grade 12 performance

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-The Directorate of Education in the Zambezi Region says it is determined to ensure that the region's general poor performance in senior secondary examinations in the past years, improves.

Zambezi completes placement of learners

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-The Directorate of Education in the Zambezi Region has completed the placement of learners at available schools in the region.

MAWF says no fresh timber will be harvested

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-The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF) have reemphasised that no fresh timber will be harvested until the already harvested timber is marketed and sold both internationally and locally.

Rain brings hope and fear of flooding for Zambezi informal settlement residents

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-While most of the country remains desperate for rain, residents of informal settlements of the Zambezi Region appeared caught off guard by the rain received over the area.

Churches in Zambezi pray for peace and for their leaders

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-Different church denominations and their spiritual leaders at Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region congregated at the Ngweze Community Hall, to pray for peace and their leaders in 2020.

Zambezi residents celebrate Christmas and Family Day

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-Many residents of the Zambezi Region joined the rest of the world in celebrating Christmas and Family Day.

Seven villages in Zambezi claim Open Defecation-Free status

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-Seven villages and one Primary School in Katima Rural Constituency became the first villages in the Zambezi Region to declare open defecation as unhealthy practice in the community.

Anti-secessionist group concerned about separatist group's activities in Zambezi

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-A group calling itself anti-secessionists in the Zambezi Region has expressed concern over the activities of a separatist group in the region.