Pedestrian dies in hit and run at Zambezi

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-An unknown driver allegedly fled the scene after bumping a pedestrian at Muketala village in Zambezi Region on Friday.

Zambezi Police concerned over high number of illegal immigrants

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-Police in the Zambezi Region have expressed concern over the increasing number of illegal immigrants crossing into Namibia through the Wenela Border post and other undesignated entry points.

Eight regional councilors sworn in at Katima Mulilo

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The eight regional councillors of the Zambezi Region were sworn in at Katima Mulilo.

Zambezi Police Commander says cross-border crime is a concern

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-The Namibian Police's Zambezi Commander, Commissioner Marius Katamila said one of the main challenges faced by the police in the region is suspects involved in cross-border crimes.

Lukato claims there has not been enough development in Zambezi since independence

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The National Democratic Party (NDP) President, Martin Lukato claims there has not been enough development in the Zambezi Region since independence, and his party if elected will elevate the region.

SWAPO warns against those instigating violence in Zambezi

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The branch of the Swapo Party in Zambezi has warned residents to be vigilant against some groups or individuals using the recent killings of Namibians by the BDF to incite violence and encourage people not to vote.

Accident claims five lives in Zambezi

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-Five people died last night in a horrific car accident in the Zambezi Region.

Zambezi residents demand immediate repatriation of Nchindo brothers from Botswana

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-Some residents of the Zambezi Region held demonstrations at Katima Mulilo and Impalila to show solidarity with the Nchindo family who lost three brothers to the Botswana Defence Force.

Botswana Defence Force confirm killing four men in alleged poaching incident in Zambezi

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-The Botswana Defence Force confirmed killing four men in an alleged poaching incident in the Zambezi Region. The four men who went on a fishing expedition were reported missing on Friday.

Independent candidate Hamprey Divai promises better services in Zambezi once elected

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An Independent candidate contesting in the Judea Lyabboloma constituency election in Zambezi Region has promised residents that they will have access to better services if he is voted into power.