School girls in Kavango East and Zambezi use hormonal injections to avoid menstruation

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School going girls in the Kavango East and Zambezi regions have been found making use of the hormonal injection, a contraceptive, to avoid menstruation because they cannot afford sanitary products.

Poor rainfall in Zambezi worrying subsistence farmers

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Poor rainfall in the Zambezi Region is worrying subsistence farmers who depend on their crops for survival.

New clinic opened at Kaenda village in Zambezi

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A new clinic has been opened at the Kaenda village in the Zambezi Region.

Integrated Regional Land Use Plan launched in Zambezi

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The Integrated Regional Land Use Plan (IRLUP) aims to find solutions on how to utilise land.

Zambezi leaders join forces with police on road safety awareness

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Regional leaders of the Zambezi Region have joined the uniformed forces and other stakeholders to create awareness on road safety.

Zambezi residents continue to deny malaria control officials access to spray their houses

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-Some residents in the Zambezi Region continue to deny officials of the malaria control programme access to spray their houses, despite Government's efforts to control disease in the area.

Zambezi creates capital projects despite economic crisis

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Zambezi Governor, Alufea Sampofu, says a number of capital projects were implemented in the last financial year in the region despite economic difficulties.

Schools in flood prone Zambezi areas remain closed

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While learners returned to school on Monday, five schools in the Zambezi Region could not open due to floods.

Zambezi Police urged to implement National Integrated Crime Combating Strategy

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Inspector General of the Namibian Police Force Sebastian Ndeitunga has urged the Zambezi Regional Police to coordinate activities, and determine approaches to implement the National Integrated Crime Combating Strategy, towards improving community safety in the country.

Zambezi villages remain submerged

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-Residents of flood-prone areas in the west of the Zambezi Region continue to be affected by floods.