Zambezi region

Zambezi residents prefer cheaper smuggled maize meal

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Namibia's drought has been blamed for the increase of smuggled maize meal in the Zambezi Region, with residents opting to buy the illegal products as they are cheaper than those produced locally. The Deputy Director in the Finance Ministry's Customs and Excise Division for the North-eastern region, Wilbroad Poniso, told Nampa there is a worrying increase of contraband maize meal entering Namibia.

Zambezi Region's cultural event attracts about 400 participants

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About 400 participants are competing in a cultural event at Chinchimani in the Zambezi Region.

Zambezi residents told to stop illegal harvesting of Mopani trees

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Residents of the Zambezi Region have been urged to refrain from illegal harvesting of Mopani trees to avoid deforestation.

Stock theft continues unabated in Zambezi region

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Stock theft continues unabated in the Zambezi region, despite efforts by the Police to fight the practice.

Cultural heritage centers established

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Some rural communities in the Zambezi Region continue to preserve their rich cultural heritage through the establishment of cultural heritage centers.

Government asked to rehabilitate boreholes

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Communities in the Linyanti Constituency of the Zambezi Region have called on the Government to rehabilitate boreholes that were dug in the area some years ago. This follows the drying up of the Linyanti River and its tributaries, causing serious water shortages in the constituency for both humans and livestock.

Boreholes for stranded hippos almost complete

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The drilling of boreholes for stranded hippos in the Bamunu Conservancy of the Zambezi Region is almost complete.

NAPPA clinic re-launched at Katima Mulilo

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The Namibia Planned Parenthood Association, NAPPA, has provided family planning to more than 9 000 young people in the Zambezi Region since 2015. Its Executive Director, Bravo Linosi says the association has also done more than 2 000 HIV status tests during that period.

Three persons admitted to Katima Mulilo State Hospital after inhaling smoke

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Three persons have been taken to the Katima Mulilo State Hospital in the Zambezi region after collapsing due to smoke from the town's dumping site on Monday morning. Two trainees from the Zambezi Vocational Training Centre and a cleaner from the UNAM Campus had difficulties in breathing after inhaling the smoke.

Mayeyi Traditional Authority calls for extension of Mudumu National Park borders

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The Mayeyi Traditional Authority in the Zambezi Region has repeated its call on the Government to extend the Mudumu National Park borders towards the eastern side.