Floods continue to wreak havoc in Zambezi

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-Flood-prone villages of Kabbe South and North constituencies are at high risk as flood waters are flowing at a high speed.

Baby drowns at Malindi village in Zambezi

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-Another baby drowned on Wednesday at Malindi village in the Zambezi Region.

Floods in Zambezi leave villages and schools isolated

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-Floods in the Zambezi region have cut off villages and schools.

Scarcity causes fresh water fish prices to skyrocket in Zambezi

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-Fresh water fish prices have increased drastically due to its scarcity in the Zambezi Region.

Pressure of been the host cost us to perform-Musiyalike

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-The Assistant Coach of the Zambezi Region, Lennox Musiyalike, said the pressure of being the host has affected his team's performance as they failed to make it to the knock-out stages of The Namibian Newspaper Cup, which is taking place in Katima Mulilo.

The Kalimbeza rice project in Zambezi is flooded

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-The Kalimbeza rice project in the Zambezi Region is flooded.

Zambezi department heads urged to become accountable

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-The Zambezi Regional Council has called on the heads of various departments to heed President Hage Geingob's call to account for service delivery in their respective directorates.

House burns down in Zambezi

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-A three bedroom house caught fire and burnt down Saturday afternoon at Katima Mulilo, in the Zambezi Region.

Under-performing schools in Zambezi urged to meet targets in 2018

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The director of education in the Zambezi Region has urged principals and heads of department at schools, that performed below the regional 65% pass rate for Grade 10, to meet the target in 2018.

Illegal fishing in Zambezi basin continues unabated

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Illegal fishing continues unabated in the Zambezi basin despite the closure of the fishing season.