Minibuses ordered to offload excess luggage in Zambezi

by editor1 / Dec 08, 2017 / 0 comments

-Several long distance minibuses were ordered to offload at roadblocks in the Zambezi Region due to overloading.

Chinese businesses in Zambezi donate N$180 000 to charities

by editor1 / Dec 06, 2017 / 0 comments

-The Chinese Ambassador to Namibia, Zan Yimming, has handed over donations valued at N$180 000 to three institutions taking care of vulnerable children at Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region.

NAPPA acquires mobile clinic to be closer to rural communities in Zambezi

by editor1 / Nov 03, 2017 / 0 comments

-The Namibian Planned Parenthood Association (NAPPA), acquired a new mobile clinic to take their youth-friendly health services closer to rural communities in the Zambezi Region.

Police call on Zambezi residents not to buy smuggled products

by editor1 / Oct 15, 2017 / 0 comments

-The police have called on residents in the Zambezi Region to refrain from buying products that are illegally smuggled into the country.

Cattle theft remains a concern in Zambezi

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-Cattle theft remains a concern in the Zambezi Region despite efforts by the Namibian and Zambian police forces to bring an end to it.

Zambezi and Rundu VTCs receive equipment to introduce courses in agriculture

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The Zambezi and Rundu Vocational Training centres received equipment valued at N$2,8 million each to introduce courses in agriculture.

New road to be constructed from Nakabolelwa to Kasika in Zambezi

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-Rural communities in the flood plains of the Zambezi Region's Kabbe North Constituency will soon have a new road.

Zambezi has seen an increase in young people being circumcised

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-The Zambezi Region has seen an increase in the number of young people being circumcised.

Recent Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak in Zambezi Region has been contained

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-The recent outbreak of the Foot and Mouth Disease in the Zambezi Region has been contained.

Tjekero Tweya tells Swapo leaders in Zambezi no one is bigger than the party

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-The Chairperson of leaders assigned to the Zambezi Region, has reminded Swapo members of the party in the region that no one is bigger than the party.